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This six-week leadership development program is for every woman who wants to excel in her career and have a fulfilling personal life. Create a 12-month plan to achieve your personal and professional goals under the guidance of Noelle Silver, an executive leader at top companies such as NPR, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon Alexa.
Self-promote, self-brand, and own your strengths
Build resilience and strengthen your vision
Set healthy boundaries and bring balance to your life
Negotiate a raise and advocate for your dollar worth
Cultivate your voice and confidently point the way to your team
Learn from a leading expert from a world-known company sharing her experience with the international audience:
Noelle Silver
Global Partner, AI and Analytics
Led technology teams at NPR, Microsoft, IBM, and Amazon Alexa
Specializes in helping companies with emerging technology, cloud, AI, and Web 3.0
Founder of AI Leadership Institute, empowering and inspiring organizations globally to begin thinking more deeply about AI
> Passionate about teaching women and people of color how to use the power of technology and influence to achieve success in business
> Multi-award-winning technologist, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker
Our approach is to provide not only theory, but useful knowledge that you can apply in your work and achieve your professional goals.
About the course
Map out your personal and professional goals. This course will help you think deeply about your own core values, vision, and leadership style as you learn to overcome the challenges of being a woman in leadership.
Develop a detailed plan for future success. With a 90-day personal development vision and a 12-month goal-orientated action plan, you’ll finish this course with a clear path to achieving your goals.
Learn to negotiate and communicate like a pro. Gain confidence in dealing with tough conversations, learn the keys to effective communication, and build your resilience as a leader.
May 16
6 weeks
12 classes
Tue & Thu 6 CET
Live Lectures + Workshops
+ Personal feedback on homework
Course Language: English
LABA wants you to have the best learning experience :
We give practical knowledge
During the course you will step into the shoes of high-performing PM and go through each stage of the product lifecycle under the guidance of the instructor.
We support everyone
During the entire course you are accompanied by the instructor and our team. You will receive support while working on your homework, and will receive individual feedback and answers to your questions during office hours and in class.
Being a Woman at Work
May 16, TU

Learn about the inherent challenges and opportunities for women in leadership, considering where we’ve come from and where we are now with workplace inequality.

  • - The impact of COVID-19 & economic conditions on women
  • - Knowing the difference between power, influence, and authority
  • - The importance of mindset and determining your ‘why’
  • - Workshop: Develop a personal mission statement and core values

Assignment #1: The ‘7 whys’ exercise.

Self Awareness, Branding, and Presence
May 18, TH

Discover your purpose and vision and learn to tell your story with guest speaker Sandy Carter, Senior Vice President and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains.

  • - The importance of self-awareness in career management
  • - Building your personal brand
  • - Examples of successful women in leadership
  • - Workshop: Develop your simple sentence story
IQ, EQ, and AQ: Leadership Intelligence
May 23, TU

Examine the different types of intelligence needed to communicate as a leader and how to be a successful woman in leadership.

  • - IQ: functional excellence
  • - EQ: emotional intelligence as a superpower
  • - AQ: adaptability and a growth mindset
  • - Workshop: Introduction to non-violent communication

Assignment #2: Eliminate emotional false beliefs.

Building Resilience
May 25, TH

Develop a strategy for overcoming challenges and always landing on your feet.

  • - Overcoming obstacles in your career
  • - Setting healthy boundaries
  • - Managing up and leading leaders
  • - Decisions as a pathway to success

Assignment #3: Vision and goal exercise – create your professional scorecard.

Problem-Solving Like a Leader
May 30, TU

Discover different techniques for collaboration and problem-solving.

  • - Rethinking problems and building confidence
  • - The truth about customer obsession
  • - Tools for collaboration
  • - Workshop: Generating ideas through design thinking

Assignment #4: 100 ways to stay motivated exercise and hands-on collaboration tools.

Building Your Leadership Presence
June 1, TH

Learn how to raise your voice in the workplace. Develop a personal branding strategy and understand the difference between mentorship and sponsorship for leaders.

  • - Bringing your authentic voice to the world
  • - Inclusivity and influence for fostering innovation
  • - Positivity, reciprocity, and servant leadership
  • - The difference between sponsorship and mentorship

Assignment #5: ‘Who am I?’ exercise, story inventory, and homework for life.

The Art of Giving Feedback
June 6, TU

Practice giving and receiving both positive and negative feedback with empathy and compassion.

  • - The importance of feedback and key challenges
  • - The feedback sandwich
  • - Vulnerability and perceptions of failure
  • - Workshop: Bad news and drive by sandwich

Assignment #6: Using the template provided, find five people to get feedback from. Be prepared to share your reflections and what was new to you.

Vision, Goals, and Measuring What Matters
June 8, TH

Develop a 12-month detailed goal-orientated plan for personal and professional success.

  • - Understanding the vision of your leadership and employees
  • - OKRs as a methodology for measuring results
  • - The power of WBRs, MBRs, and QBRs in reporting
  • - Tools and resources for measuring the success of your team

Assignment #7: Create OKRs for your life.

Negotiating Like a Pro
June 13, TU

Understand how to negotiate from a position of power and confidence.

  • - Knowing where you want to go
  • - Key strategies for negotiating a win-win
  • - Mindful negotiations and non-violent communication
  • - Role-play exercise: I want a raise

Assignment #8: Make a list of things that you need support from others to achieve professionally and personally. Pick two and consider your desired outcome and common objections. Practice role-playing how you might negotiate the best possible outcome.

June 15, TH

Learn how to connect with like-minded people and be the CEO of your own life. Uncover common myths about networking.

  • - Your network as your net worth
  • - Become the CEO of your own life, with an advisory board
  • - Being congruent in your personal, professional, and digital life
  • - Workshop: Help and be helped

Assignment #9: Connect with everyone in the class on LinkedIn and set up a coffee date with one of your classmates.

Success and Self-Care
June 20, TU

Discover mechanisms for self-care and how to establish harmony in work and life.

  • - Creating a virtuous cycle of work and family
  • - Focus and stress management
  • - Building confidence with self-care
  • - Workshop: Mindfulness and meditation practice

Assignment #10: Create a list of activities and practices that will help you feel centered, calm, and taken care of. How will you prioritize these? Take the seven-day mental diet challenge.

Future Development as a Leader
June 22, TH

Build your personal and professional strategic plan to get the results you want in life. Define where you want to go and how you can get there.

  • - Working backwards with your 12-month plan
  • - Sub-targets as a key to success
  • - Productivity hacks for women in leadership
  • - Working out what’s next

Assignment #11: Prepare a 90-day personal development plan.

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